• Rabu, 17 Agustus 2022

Lewat Single 'Love Language', Hanin Dhiya Buktikan Kelas Internasional

- Minggu, 27 Februari 2022 | 19:04 WIB
Tangkapan layar MV
Tangkapan layar MV

When i try to fix myself
You just string me along
You say you got good intentions
But what if you’re wrong

Am i grieving what i never had
The absence of you has me dressing in black
Head to toe I feel the ghost of you
Hands in my pockets
Wish i could stop it

But i hold on
When you say i love you in a language i forget
Try to move on
But all I ever taste is broken promises
And your name is always on the tip of my tongue
Why do you keep coming back if you’re gone
Is that you’re love language
I can hear when you talk but it doesn’t make sense
Why are you breaking the rules that you set
Is that your love language



Editor: Jabbar Bahring


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