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Noctyx Rilis Debut Single 'Stuck In The Abyss', MV and Lyrics

- Minggu, 27 Februari 2022 | 16:27 WIB
Noctyx rilis single Stuck In The Abyss. Ist
Noctyx rilis single Stuck In The Abyss. Ist

Lagu ini dinyanyikan oleh Noctyx dengan music dan lirik oleh MATZ, BBY NABE. Matz sendiri hadir sebagai producer untuk klip tersebut.

Stuck In The Abyss lyrics:

Movin so silent and deadly
preyin on ya
Hidden from light so you can’t see
my 姿
Tick on the clock yeah it tells me
its time to hunt
So Imma be free without care in mind cuz I’m livin the life that I want

Imma be running my kingdom
Livin by my own reason
Stuck in the dark but I gotta heart even when Imma be freezin
Searchin for what I can’t see
暗闇に溶け込み ya
I never stop stop
Hop in the booth and its hot hot yeah

In the end
The story will all unfold
Nothing will be untold
The silence will speak on its own
Its own

But for now I’m running on my own road
Countin down, hit zero and then I go

But for now
I’m stuck in the abyss
Like a never ending pit
Cuz I’m stuck in the abyss
I’m stuck in the abyss

I'm stuck but I'm still
glidin through the air like a crow
Never thought ill
make it out of here but here I go
Cuz I'm stuck in the abyss
I'm stuck in the abyss
I'm stuck in the abyss
I'm stuck in here

The day is night
But nothings scary here its just the way I like
The darkness in my soul, the darkness in my eyes
I turn it into energy and fuel my mind
I’m locked in
No stoppin
I’m feelin like I’m sitting in the cockpit
I’m lost in
My thoughts and

I’m spittin and releasing all my toxins
The center of the scene
Make you bow down on your knees
Let’s go


Editor: Jabbar Bahring


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